Basement Construction

Over 55% of all developments interviewed express some regret for not incorporating a basement in their original design. The restrictions imposed by planning policy are often cited as the reason for compromising the original design, forcing reducing the size of rooms and enjoyment of space. Most, on reflection, admit by considering a basement they may well have mitigated the loss of both.

The cost of moving in the South East is at an all-time high making the unavoidable spend on stamp duty, legal fees, agents fees etc feel like very poor value. The premium attached to every square foot of space and the disruption/emotional costs of moving make some feel trapped. But how do you get the accommodation you need?

If you can’t build upwards or outwards then downwards is now a viable option to acquire that much needed extra space. To create a basement under your home or office may be a viable alternative.

HT&T installs basements for commercial and residential properties in South East UK. We have years of experience constructing high-end waterproof basements for new and existing buildings (including listed building) to be used as offices, living spaces, swimming pools etc.